Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Suzuki Be Damned

That's right, I said Suzuki be damned.  As in the Suzuki Method.  This is my experiment.  I was a student of the Suzuki Method for 14 years. I learned to play beautifully and even completed a senior recital with selections from Grieg, Debussy, and Joplin.  The problem is that I never truly learned music theory.  That, plus the way the Suzuki Method teaches, I have almost completely lost all the songs I had committed to memory.  I am going to start over, in a way, and learn music theory.  I am also going to re-commit my senior recital pieces to memory.  I will post links from Youtube soon of what still remains in my memory.  I intend for this to be a daily exercise that I commit at least one hour each day to.  I intend to relearn Clair de Lune, Golliwog's Cakewalk, Wedding Day at Troldhaugen, Notturno, and the Maple Leaf Rag over the next six months (if not less).  After that, I will embark on a new endeavor to learn new pieces by Debussy with a set time limit.  Impressionistic works will be my focus.  So, day one will be starting soon!  I'm looking forward to this journey!

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