Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Current Keyboard

I currently have a Technics SX-PX228 electronic keyboard.  I bought it over ten years ago.  It has great sound and pretty good touch for an electronic keyboard.  It is the same keyboard that Billy Joel and Elton John used to haul around when they were doing their tours together.  I love it because I can record two tracks on it.  Four-handed pieces played with yourself?  Yes, thank you very much!  I also enjoy another little feature that you don't have with the real deal: headphone jacks.  I can practice to my heart's content without disturbing a soul.  How great is that?

I do plan on ultimately getting a real piano.  When I do, I do plan on still keeping this keyboard for at least practicing purposes.  And hey, with a MIDI box, I can play on the new Rock Band 3!  :)

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