Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 45: Un Peu Moins Vite.

I apologize, I made an error in counting the number of measures that comprise the first section.  There are 46 measures, not 48.  Anyway, it is now a week later and I have the first 46 measures under my belt.  I will begin working on the next section of Golliwogg's Cakewalk tomorrow.  I also intend to finally go practice on a real piano.  Anyway, as I prepare to head into the next section of the piece, I would like to cover some musical notation that I will encounter.

Un peu moins vite literally means "some less faster."  So, a little bit slower. 

Two notations here are cedez and avec une grande emotion.  Cedez means "to yield" or "slow down."  Avec une grande emotion means "with a great emotion."  This part of the section is almost like Golliwogg is pleading with his playmate.  I like to think of the piece as the first section where Golliwogg and a child are playing together.  This part is where the child looses interest and wants to put Golliwogg back in the toybox, so Golliwogg starts pleading with him/her to not put him away.  This section is marked by sudden single or double measures back at the original tempo and liveliness, like Golliwogg is trying to show the child what he is going to be missing out on if Golliwogg goes back into the toy box.

Retenu means "return" and likely means to return to the way this was previously played.

That is that!  Notturno and Wedding Day at Troldhaugen still get the proper amount of attention and are getting more and more polished.

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