Monday, January 31, 2011

Day Eight: Tempo di Marcia un Poco Vivace

The first 30 measures are shaping up.  I am finding it interesting that as these measures come back into memory, I am having some of the same mistakes I made many years ago pop back up.  I expect that diligence in my practice will correct the problem areas.  Again, 30 measures under my belt in the front-end means 30 measures under my belt on the back-end.  "The conversation" seems to be holding up nicely and I still go back over it hands-separately for good measure.

Whenever I practice, I try to practice a measure plus one.  That means I practice a measure, plus the first note of the next measure.  This helps in committing the piece to memory, but also helps create starting points in my memory in case I make a mistake when performing.

Musical notations of the day are: Tempo di Marcia un poco vivace and sempre.

Tempo di Marcia un poco vivace is just as you might think: The tempo is a slightly lively march.  There is a lot of partying going on on the wedding day.  It has to be played appropriately!

Here, the notation is sempre pp.  Sempre means always and usually accompanies the playing style desired by the composer.  Here, sempre pp means always pianissimo.  Pianissimo means very soft.  The party part of WDAT is both soft and loud.  It builds several times and has a very climatic send-off into the conversation.  Almost like the bride and groom literally step into a quiet room.

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