Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day Seven: Surprising Myself

Well, I sat down just now to run through the parts I had practiced this week and managed to play them almost flawlessly at tempo without the music!  I have the 50 measures that comprise "the conversation" under my belt.  I have approximately 10 of the first 56 measures under my belt as well.  The good thing about the first 56 measures is that they are entirely repeated in the last 65 measures, so once I learn the 56 measures again this week, I will be most of the way towards having this one back in my memory and spending time making sure it is played according to the musical notation!

I had originally intended to go borrow a music theory book this weekend, but my travel plans fell through.  I may have to reveal myself to a friend of mine nearby who has a degree in music, just to have something in the meantime.  Still pondering if I really want to reveal myself to anyone locally (besides family that can keep their traps shut).  Anyway, it is time to go practice a few more measures of "the party" so the day isn't wasted!  Woohoo!

I am trying to make sure this blog stays interesting and may not update it every single day.  I will always note what day I am on when I make the primary entry regarding practice for the day.  I may only make a couple of entries a week regarding practice, though, just to keep your interest.  Sound good?  I am always looking for feedback, too.  If you have any comments, positive or even negative (I need brutal honesty, just try not to heap it on me), please leave them as a comment on my blog, a tweet, or by email.  Thanks!

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