Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 69: FB Public Page

A select few of you are members of my private Facebook page and know who I actually am.  I started a new FB profile with my alter-ego, Edvard Claude Scott, a little over a month ago and have been steadily adding mostly music professionals to my "friends" in an effort to get more attention on my blog and tweets.  I am now ready to create a public Suzuki Be Damned FB page to hopefully gain even more visibility.  I would advertise on FB, but I don't exactly have the cash right now.

Enough about the FB, after a couple of down days from not feeling so hot, I am back today.  I will hopefully get the chance to make and post a Golliwogg's Cakewalk completion video today.  If not today, it will happen during the week next week.  Regardless of when that happens, I will be starting in on Maple Leaf Rag tomorrow!  So, if I took the full 30 days for each piece, I would only be about nine days in on Golliwogg at the moment, but find myself moving on to ragtime!  I'm not going to get too excited, though, because I will need all the extra time I have gained to re-learn Clair de Lune  for sure.

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