Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 41: Great Day of Practice

I had a great 70 minutes or so of practice this morning!  I am now up to 25 measures, at tempo, of Golliwogg's Cakewalk. That is almost 20% of the piece re-learned in just a couple of days.  :)  I expect a bit of a slow-down when I hit the key change in the next section, but I should still finish this piece ahead of the 30 day goal.  I am going to focus more on completing this piece before moving on to the next one this time because I am finding that I am neglecting Notturno and Wedding Day at Troldhaugen now that I have moved on.  Both of the Grieg pieces still have a few rough measures.

I did iron out some problematic measures in Notturno this morning, so that should be ready for a completion video soon.  There are still a few rough patches in Wedding Day at Troldhaugen that will take a few days to iron out.  If you watched the video, you know where they are.

I now have enough pieces I am working on that I can go make good use of a real piano.  Since I have one available to me just a couple of miles away, I will be starting practice there at least twice a week next week!

And one last word about the "new" pieces that I will learn.  I have not yet selected what I will learn, but I have already thrown out three different possibilities to select from for Grieg.  I am mulling over what pieces to select two from for Joplin and have pretty much decided what Debussy piece I will select (sorry, you don't get to vote on that one).  I am happy to accept suggestions for two Joplin pieces to learn.  Please check out the videos I posted on Facebook for the Grieg pieces I am considering and suggest one to me.  I am leaning towards Berceuse.  I will reveal the four new pieces when I complete Clair de Lune in approximately 90 days.

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  1. ...and yes, I am still lacking a music theory book. Due to my budget situation, I can't just run out and buy one right now. I will work harder on procuring a copy from a friend or family member within the next week!