Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 29: Half Way There Already!

33 out of 63 measures of Notturno are now back in memory! There are a few parts of the first 20 measures that need to be ironed out still, but the thing that puts the biggest smile on my face is the middle 13 measures.  I never played it cleanly when I first played it.  I play it perfectly now.  I get the biggest smile on my face when I get to this part now!  I'm looking forward to maybe wrapping up Notturno by no later than five more days from now.  That would give me about a 26 day reserve for the remaining pieces which I predict I will very much need.

The only question that remains is: Should I go ahead an learn a new Grieg piece when I'm done with Notturno or should I wait until I have re-learned all my old pieces before tackling the new ones?  Also, for the sake of symmetry, I am thinking about learning two Joplin pieces so then I would have three pieces by each composers.  How does that sound?

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