Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 181: Coming Back...

In and out of a funk and then being busy looking for a job has not left much time for this project in the past 44 days or so.  I have sat down and found that a lot of what I re-committed to memory is fading.  Well, duh, when one doesn't practice, one loses what he/she learns.  I seem to be mostly fine with the music in front of me, though, so I may not be so hard-over on committing pieces to memory any longer. Also, I may go ahead and go off on a tangent here and work on some four-handed pieces (Mozart) with a friend and maybe even some eight-handed hymnal arrangements.  We'll see.  Anyway, I should be returning here soon.  I need to get back to Clair de lune.  Just don't expect me to re-commit it to memory at this point.  If I can sight-read it, I will do that.  If I decide that I still want to proceed with a recital next year, I will re-commit it to memory.

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